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Supported Living Services For Young People & Adults. 



Our young people are aged 16+ with learning difficulties, ASD, behaviours that challenge and sensory processing disorders. We are a person-centred service that focuses on an active support model with a positive behaviour support plan, to enable our young people to be included within society irrespective of their disability. Liberty Hub promotes freedom and independence, and our Hubs offer a home away from home feel within a local community allowing our young people to develop and maintain their independent and social skills.

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The Liberty Hub Group was established in 2021 by three work colleagues who have a combined knowledge and experience of over 25 years working in the social care industry, with children and adults who are diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), learning disabilities, mental health, and challenging behaviour. Whilst working together, they realised how hard young people find transitions into adult placement with some unfortunately eventually breaking down due to the changes in their previously structured routine. Along with their combined education, knowledge and management experience they created Liberty Hub, aiming to bridge the gap for young people during transitions to adult placement, and provide them with an avenue to be continually supported in living their life within the community and having the ability to reach their full potential.



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Our first Hub is a 5-bedroom detached property located within Epsom and close to areas of woodland nature and breath-taking scenic views. Liberty Hub recognises that prospective young people who are diagnosed with ASD and learning difficulties should have the opportunity to choose who can meet their needs. To facilitate that choice, we focus on the following:

  • Provide detailed information on the service by publishing a young person’s guide for Liberty Hub.

  • Provide each young person with their individual Tenancy Agreement at Liberty Hub specifying the terms of his or her tenancy taking into consideration their level of ability and understanding.

  • Ensure that every prospective individual has his or her needs thoroughly assessed before a decision on admission is agreed unless extenuating circumstances for example an emergency placement.

  • Demonstrate to every young person that Liberty Hub is confident in meeting their needs as assessed.

  • Offer introductory visits to prospective young people and avoid unplanned admissions except in cases of emergency. Liberty Hub provides a safe and calm environment for the young people who reside there so that they can experience independent living and inclusion in the community.

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