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Referral Process,  Assessment 

Based in London, we pride ourselves as friendly and knowledgeable team, who provide care support and more for young people aged 16 and above. Contact us at Liberty Hub by using the details below.



  • Current support needs.

  • Identified areas of risk.

  • What is important to the young person as an individual.

  • What are they seeking, how will they develop at Liberty Hub and what are the expectations of parents/guardians and placing authorities.

  • Can Liberty Hub meet the needs of the young person?

  • Proposed plan of care to be offered by Liberty Hub with the input of parents/guardians, local authorities, health professionals and multi agencies.



Our referral process at Liberty Hub begins with an enquiry by email, phone or completing our online referral form. Once populated with brief information about the potential young person and their support needs, a provisional review of this information is then undertaken to assess whether Liberty Hub can facilitate the needs outlined within the referral. Should the referral be accepted, then a full assessment will be arranged with the potential young person, which is dependent on their level of capacity. Otherwise, this assessment will be supported by their parents, guardians, care team and/or local authority professionals.

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Please send enquiries using the contact form.

17 Aston way, Epsom KT18 5LZ 

Head office 

152-160 Kemp house, London, EC1V 2NX

07872 860043



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