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Supported Living Services For Young People & Adults. 

Supported Living Services For Young People & Adults. 

At Liberty Hub we support young people and adults  aged 16+  who are diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder),  severe learning difficulties, sensory processing disorders and behaviours that challenge and the aims & objectives. 

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All Hands In


·       To always excel in the provision of care and supported living accommodation of the young             people and adults at Liberty Hub.

·       To provide bespoke support that is tailored to each young person/adult’s individual needs.

·       To empower our young people who are diagnosed with ASD, sensory processing disorder,             learning difficulties and behaviors that challenge, to live as independent a life as possible.

·       To  always provide services that are anti-discriminatory.

·       To provide a service that is person centred.

·       To always work closely with parents/guardians of the young people and adults, local                      authorities and other professionals in achieving the agreed outcomes for the

        young person or adult by offering support from a passionate, motivated and caring team.


·       To ensure our young people are involved within the community they reside in.