Supported Living Services For Young People & Adults. 


At Liberty Hub we support young people aged 16+ and adults who are diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), learning disabilities and challenging behaviour – providing support during the transition into adulthood.  We are passionate about what we do and aim to provide high standards of supported living services. Contact us today for more information.


The Liberty Hub Group was established in 2021 by three work colleagues who have a combined knowledge and experience of over 25 years working in the social care industry, with children and adults who are diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), learning disabilities, mental health, and challenging behaviour. Whilst working together, they realised how hard young people find transitions into adult placement with some unfortunately eventually breaking down due to the changes in their previously structured routine. Along with their combined education, knowledge and management experience they created Liberty Hub, aiming to bridge the gap for young people during transitions to adult placement, and provide them with an avenue to be continually supported in living their life within the community and having the ability to reach their full potential.

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Our aim is to always excel in the provision of care and supported living accommodation of the young people at Liberty Hub. We provide a warm and caring environment where they will feel safe, grow and develop their skills through our active and positive behaviour support plan.

We ensure that our philosophies and methods of approach are reviewed constantly to ensure our young people are able to achieve their targets set within their individual care plans. Our hubs will promote and develop social skills along with positive relationships both within the homes and wider community - maintaining and increasing their level of independence.


At Liberty Hub, we promote and support continuous further education of our young people ensuring they are given the opportunity to learn and maintain the skills at home and in the community, with continuous 24-hour support from qualified trained staff and professionals. We support our young people to attend their education setting where required and promote learning through play at home and in the community.

Inclusion is a key part of our model as we work closely with parents, social workers, and local authority to ensure that we are all working together in achieving the same outcomes for the young person. We will at all times provide the best support from a passionate, highly motivated, and caring team to the young people we look after.







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